Here you will find resources to help educate you on the importance of environmental conservation:

So many single use products can be avoided to cut down on overall trash accumulation to help reduce carbon footprint. Eliminating plastic utensils, straws, plastic bags especially when not needed. 

Trash can tangle small, or large, animals, as well as completely ruin ecosystems. The problem is most people are blind and/or insensitive to their decisions and how they impact the world around them.

Jah Works is an organization focused on advancing perceptions on conservation. We collect trash and debris as well as educate communities about everyday environmental protection systems like minimizing trash, water, plastic, re-purposing materials, and teaching people to be mindful of the byproducts of the purchases we make.

The issue is every decision we make has to be a conscious one because every decision we make creates an impact. Every action have a reaction and each action creates an eternal impact. The ripple effect.