• Cleaning international communities
  • Repurposing used materials
  • Educating about conservation

Who We Are

'Jah' is the creator, the highest energy, God, the Supreme one, return of Christ. The first mention of 'Christ' was Christ 

Consciousness which in ancient Egypt (Kemet) was KRST Consciousness. It referred to the highest state of man in this flesh and blood experience. 

Jah Visions


We like our reputation like our communities, as clean as nature intends. This is what we are passionate about.

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Jah Works is a New Jersey nonprofit organization that cleans plastics & debris from roads, parks, beaches, or anywhere trash does not belong. Join us on our next mission!

Call to Action !

Why 'Jah Works'?

We are asking our supporters to get outside during this time and get active! Fresh air and sunlight are key! In your journey outdoors we ask you to look for debris in your communities, and continue Jah Works eliminating trash wherever we see it making a cleaner environment for generations to come. One Love.

Environmental Conservation

We at Jah Works have our own vision of what a clean world should look like for the next generation. That means we have to be the generation of change

Jah Works is committed to keeping the world clean, and the best way to do that is to do the work!